Jiří Klimeš (1947 – 2018)

Jiří Klimeš, Olomouc’s prominent choirmaster, educator and organiser of public life. His name is adherent to Children’s choir Campanella as well as to the International Choir Festival of Songs Olomouc where he served as a long-time president.

Jiří Klimeš graduated from Olomouc-Hejčín Grammar School and, subsequently, from Faculty of Education at Palacký University Olomouc in 1972, majored in Czech language and Music Education. His professional career started with the position of choirmaster of Children’s choir Olomouc, operated by Children and Youth Centre where he worked with his father, Karel Klimeš.

His whole career was revolved around choral singing. He collaborated with many choirs, many of which he established (Campanella Olomouc, Children’s choir of Šternberk, Children’s choir of Hranice, youth choir Bel Canto, Academic choir Žerotín). He was also a conductor of opera choir in the Theatre of Olomouc. With these ensembles, namely with children’s choir Campanella, he performed on hundreds of concert tours and concerts at home and abroad, he is also laureate of many awards from prestigious choir competitions. Since 1994 he taught choir conducting, music theory and intonation at the Department of Music education of Pedagogical faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc. In the area of choir conducting he lay the foundations for many of contemporary conductors. He established Festa Musicale. Together with his father, Karel Klimeš, he built the tradition of Festival of Songs in Olomouc. Subsequently he set up a variety of choir festivals in the world. He is a founder of Festa Edizione, publishing house for choral music sheets. Jiří Klimeš also became a laureate of the Olomouc City Award for music and choir singing in 2007.

Karel Klimeš (1911 – 1983)

He studied singing and violin in Brno at Viktor Nopp and then geography, history, Czech language and music teaching in Olomouc at University of Pedagogy. During his function in Šternberk (by Olomouc) he founded first of his choirs in 1951. In 1952 he moved to primary school in Olomouc-Pavlovičky where he stayed till 1972. This school choir grew rapidly into an elite selection ensemble. Since 1960 this choir has participated at selection competitions. In 1967 Karel Klimeš fouded Children’s choir Olomouc operated by Children and Youth Centre, later this choir is renamed “Campanella”. In 1972 he founded Festival of Children’s Choirs Olomouc which has since 1977 been called “Festival of Songs Olomouc”.