Participating choirs FOSO 2018

46th International Choir Festival of Songs Olomouc 2018


Amici, gaudete! dětský pěvecký sbor při ZUŠ Jablonec nad Nisou

City: Jablonec nad Nisou (CZE)Amici Gaudete!
Conductor: MgA. Tomáš Pospíšil

Amici, gaudete! children’s choir is the oldest preparatory choir of the Iuventus, gaude! choir run by the Music School in Jablonec nad Nisou, and has been conducted by MgA. Tomáš Pospíšil for more than ten years. The singers of Amici, gaudete! comprise mainly primary school children. The children are cheerful, playful, but also hard-working, and their teachers encourage their love of singing, sense of responsibility and friendly behaviour. Every year, the hard work translates into accomplishments at many competitions and public performances. Golden medals awarded at the Zahrada písní festival as well as the Festival of Songs Olomouc in previous years are among many achievements of the choir.



City: Gatchina, Leningrad reg. (RUS)April
Conductor: Elena Kosareva

The children’s choir “April” exists within the framework of the additional education of the MBOU “GSOCH №8” The Gatchina Education Center. There is a choral musical school “April” with a full set of musical subjects in this school . The uniqueness of the choirs is that children from 5 years old are recruited by a choir of teachers and continue with them before graduation from the music school. Collectives of the school repeatedly became laureates of all-Russian and international competitions.

The given collective was formed in 2016. It takes an active part in festivals and competitions. 3rd place-Narva International Choir Competition (Estonia) 2017. All-Russian Choral Festival “Myshkin’s Tale” Myshkin (Russia) 2017.


Cantabilka ZUŠ Hranice

City: Hranice (CZE)Cantabilka ZUŠ Hranice
Conductor: Markéta Lásková

Cantabilka is a preparatory section of DPS Cantabile (children’s choir.) It consists of the youngest students of art schools, who are also just starting to play musical instruments and attend the musical theory lessons. The average age of the choir is 7.5 years. The little singers are learning how to work in a team. They are adopting the basic elements of singing techniques, getting to know the problematics of choir singing, basic theoretical knowledge of the areas of intonation, dynamics, rhythm, Orff Schulwerk and the written form of music – musical notes. The children start to publicly present their work while learning how to react to choirmaster’s conducting. The choir practices once a week for one 45-minute lesson.



City: Náchod (CZE)Canto
Conductor: Zbyněk Mokrejš

The Canto Choir is the performance group of the Náchod Children’s Choir under the Náchod Music School, where around 110 singers sing in three different departments. For eleven years, the choir has been conducted by Zbyněk Mokrejš, and accompanied by Roman Černý for five years. Among many achievements, the choir was awarded the “Golden Laurel” at the Festa Musicale Olomouc national competition and a silver medal at the International Festival of Children’s Choirs in Pardubice. The greatest accomplishment is winning a gold medal and earning the title of an absolute winner at the Porta Musicae national competition in Nový Jičín in 2016. Canto is primarily a group of choir enthusiasts who love good food in large amounts and sing for joy.


Cantus Carponensis

City: Krupina (SVK)Cantus Carponensis
Conductor: Anna Libžetinová

The choir Cantus Carponensis of the Roman-Catholic church in Krupina was founded in 1991. It is a chamber ensemble composed of people of all walks of life. Besides singing at the Holy Masses they also sing concerts whenever possible. The choir has participated in several cities of Slovakia (Námestovo 1995 – 2002) and Czech Republic (Olomouc 2014) where they were awarded the gold band. In 2015 they were awarded the silver band at an International Festival Musica Sacra in Bratislava. At the 35th Festival of Viliam Figuš Bystrý in Banská Bystrica the choir was awarded the gold band with the jury’s appreciation in category of Sacred Music. The last award of the choir is the gold band from International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music 2016.

Since its beginnings the choir is led by Anna Ližbetinová, a music teacher at the Music School in Krupina.


Cep Sahne Chorvus

City: Istanbul (TUR)CepSahneChorvus
Conductor: Haluk Polat

Cep Sahne Chorvus was founded by Haluk Polat in November 2016 as a performance group of Cep Sahne. Since October 2015, Cep Sahne is active in several musical and cultural activities but mainly vocal workshops in İstanbul. The idea is “everybody can sing” and the motto is “music heals”. Under the roof of Cep Sahne, people come together to sing and feel better. The Chorvus singers are participants of these vocal workshops in Cep Sahne and they sing the modern arrangements of folk songs together.


Dětský pěvecký sbor Kopretiny ZUŠ Cheb

City: Cheb (CZE)Kopretiny ZUŠ Cheb
Conductor: Eva Kůrková

Children’s choir Kopretiny (Daisies) ZUŠ Jindřicha Jindřicha v Chebu has a long-lasting tradition. It performs at cultural events in the town of Cheb and its vicinity. The choir has been successfully attending various competitions both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Children’s choir of Primary School dr. Jožeta Pučnika Črešnjevec

City: Črešnjevec (SLO)Jožeta Pučnika Črešnjevec
Conductor: Mateja Kuharič

Črešnjevec is a village with a wonderful landscape, nice people and a school of 172 kids not far from Maribor. The kids like music and singing very much. Their beautiful young voices are heard in two school choirs which are very well known and appreciated as well as Mateja Kuharič who has been their conductor for the last six years. Last year they took part in the regional competition and were awarded the golden medal. The children’s choir up to 11 years of age has also participated on regional and state competitions for school choirs and received golden medal.

They practice singing three times a week, sometimes they even have sleepovers to practice intensively. They sing at events in the school and the village and also on the events beyond local community. They truly believe that music makes the life brighter, easier and happier.

The experience to participate in a competition in a foreign country is the first one for them, but they hope it won’t be the last.


Children’s Choir of Primary School Pohorskega odreda Slovenska Bistrica

City: Slovenska Bistrica (SLO)Osnovna šola Pohorskega odreda Slovenska Bistrica
Conductor: Nadja Stegne

Students from 6th to 9th grade sing in the school choir Osnovna šola Pohorskega odreda Slovenska Bistrica. They regularly participate in all school events. Every year they sing at the charity concert and attend regional singing shows organized by the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of Slovenia.

Several times they have performed at Inter-Municipal shows and participated several years ago in the regional competition in Lendava.

In Zagorje ob Savi they participated in a cultural program at the national singing show, and they performed several times at the closing concert of the International singing festival in Celje.

In regional shows, which are evaluated by professional evaluators, they are each year selected for further competitions.

Last year they received a golden prize at the international competition “Lege Artis 2017” in Tuzla (BiH). Since 2016 the choir has been led by a music professor Nadja Stegne.


Chór DOMINANTA Państwowej Szkoły Muzycznej I i II stopnia im. Karola i Antoniego Szafranków w Rybniku

Conductor: Joanna Glenc

Choir of the Public School of Music in Rybnik performs for the past 30 years. Presently (since September 2008) it is directed by Joanna Glenc and its current name is The Dominanata Choir. The ensemble has a wide range repertoire – from renaissance to contemporary music. It has been successfully participating in the various competitions, festivals and concerts, including concerts with the Filharmony of the Szafranek Brothers Music Association, performances during St. Cecilia Music Festival, Silesian Gospel Festival.

The choir has also performed outside of Poland: in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Greece and Lithuania.

DOMINANTA Choir of The Public School of Music in Rybnik participates in various musical events, competitions and festivals and has received awards, merits and recognition for their artistic accomplishments.


Dětský pěvecký sbor Rošťák

City: Přelouč (CZE)Rošťák
Conductor: Anička Pokorná

The Rošťák choir was established in 2003 at the Masarykovo náměstí in Přelouč Elementary school. In 2006, the choir’s operations came under ZUŠ v Přelouči (Přelouč Art school). Every year, the choir has numerous concerts in the town’s vicinity and it cooperates with children’s choir Vodopád (Waterfall) from Banská Bystrica, SK. Furthermore, the choir collaborates with remarkable people, i.e. a Christmas concert with Eva Pilarová or performances with famous German singer-songwriter Rolf Zuckowski, Czech singer-songwriter Petr Skoumal, Magda Reif and other Czech and German choirs thanks to the project Děti Labe (Children of Elbe). The choir participates in contests like Zahrada písní (The Songs Garden), Prague Advent And Christmas Choral Festival With Petr Eben‘s Prize, Prague Christmas and its most prized winning of gold prize from Festival of Songs Olomouc. The choir’s repertoire consists of traditional folk songs, spiritual songs, compositions by artists both old and contemporary, gospels, songs from musicals and popular music. Since 2014, the choir is led by Anička Pokorná.


Junior choir of DHS “ISKRA”

City: St. Petersburg (RUS)Iskra
Conductor: Andrey Dumchenko

Winner of the international competitions the-junior chorus of DHS “ISKRA” of St. Petersburg is the first step of choral studio which was based in 1968. In it children from 7 to 10 years which sing in three choruses are trained. The collective conducts big concert activity and participates in choral festivals and competitions, as in Russia, and other countries. Chorus Winner of the international competitions: “The bronze diploma” Narva, Estonia 2002, “The bronze diploma” Olomouc, Czech Republic 2006, Diploma of the Winner of 1 degree Stockholm, Sweden 2008, “The silver diploma” Bratislava, Slovakia 2009, Diploma of the Winner of 1 degree, Narva, Estonia 2009, Diploma of 2 degrees of Czech Budweis, Czech Republic 2011, “The silver diploma” Olomouc, Czech Republic 2014. Over the last 10 years the Younger chorus with success went on tour in Estonia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia. France, Finland. The conductor of chorus – the Winner of the international and Russian competitions, composer Andrey Dumchenko.


Komorní sbor Cantabile

City: Hranice (CZE)Cantabile
Conductor: Markéta Lásková

Cantabile Chamber Choir was established in September 2015 from former members of Cantabile Children’s Choir, whose love for singing was so strong that they decided to continue to sing even after leaving for high schools and universities. The choir enthusiastically performs at various concerts of spiritual, folk or popular music and participates in contests in both the Czech Republic and abroad. The choir’s participation in international contest Ohrid Choir Festival 2017 in Macedonia resulted in a gold medal and an award for the most joyful performance of the festival. The choir is led by choirmaster Markéta Lásková, voice consultant Iva Karageorgieva and performs together with répétiteur Gabriela Zdarsová.


Komorní sbor Lenky Dohnalové-Mlynářové

City: Olomouc (CZE)KS Lenky Dohnalové-Mlynářové
Conductor: PaedDr. Lenka Dohnalová

Lenka Dohnalová’s chamber choir evolved from Choir of Gymnázium v Olomouci – Hejčíně, which in its twenty years long existence studied numerous musical/dramatical projects (Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Gospel, Pavel Helebrand: The Gospel According to the Violin or Tomáš Hanzlík’s Labyrinth of Passion). The choir is now revisiting said numbers in projects with philharmonic orchestras (in cooperation with Moravian Philharmonics Olomouc, Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice or with Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra Zlín; the choir and its soloists perform concerts together with Dan Bárta, Bára Basiková or Jura Pavlica.) The ensemble also takes interest in large choir compositions (Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, N. Luboff’s African Mass, A. Ramirez’s Creole Mass, Hnilička’s Jazz Mass), contemporary choir production (E. Whitacre, O. Gielio) and jazz and popular music (Take 6, Singers Unlimited, Manhattan Transfer).


Komorní sbor Nyklband

City: Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (CZE)Nyklband
Conductor: Boris Nykl

Chamber choir Nyklband is a mixed choir from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm consisting mainly of former and current students of gymnasium in Frenštát. The choir is practicing regularly under the leadership of a talented choirmaster Boris Nykl. The choir’s repertoire is varied; old spiritual music, adaptations of traditional folk songs and popular music can all be found in it. A considerable part of the repertoire are the choirmaster’s original compositions or his own adaptations of folk and popular songs. The chamber choir Nyklband is trying to always be original, playful and most of all interesting, which has gotten the choir a fanbase and a significant spot in Frenštát’s culture despite its young age. The choir has grown from original 8 to current 20 members in just two years, as well as it has expanded its activities from Frenštát to the whole country and Italy, which has resulted in so much needed experience.


Mapo OB Choir

City: Seoul (KOR)mapo OB
Conductor: Kim Jin Soo

The Mapo OB Choir was formed in May 2016 and is made up of retired members of the Official Mapo-gu Choir and choral enthusiasts. Despite its short history, the enthusiasm and talent of the chorus is as good as any other amateur choir. Just four months after it was founded the Mapo OB Choir was awarded the “Grand Prize” at the inaugural Gyeongsangnam-do Golden Age Chorus and then went on to win the Excellence Prize at the sixth National Golden Age Chorus Contest. The choir is involved in the community, participating in local festivals such as the Seoul Festival, Yangju Festival, and Mapo Community Art. The Mapo OB Choir looks forward to sharing their timeless harmonies overseas with new audiences and resonating beyond Korea.


Mešani Pevski Zbor Divača

City: Divača (SLO)Divača
Conductor: Matej Penko

The song has always been present in people’s lives. Mixed Choir Divača was also born from the desire to sing and the song has united us for as long as 123 years. Singers continue the tradition of choral singing in Divača that they have been entrusted with the desire to preserve, develop and hand over to the future.

In various ensembles the choir navigated through different historical periods and singing did not fade even in difficult situations of war and post-war time. Repertoire varies in its content and the difficulty. The choir enriches cultural events in its hometown and the surrounding area as well as in wider cultural space. The fruits of many years of persistent work are three CDs as well as numerous awards and prizes.



City: Litoměřice (CZE)Modrásci
Conductor: Alexandra Pallasová

Modrásci is the oldest preparatory choir of the girls’ choir of Puellae cantantes in Litoměřice. The singers are aged between 8 and 12 years. Since its foundation in 2002, the choir has been participating in the Festival of Songs almost every year, where it has been awarded three gold medals, and in other local as well as national festivals and competitions. The choir has performed many concerts in various places around the country; in 2011 they went on tour to Poland and in 2016 they won first prize at an international competition in Belgium.



City: Ostrava (CZE)Moraviachor
Conductor: Josef Surovík

The mixed choir Moraviachor was established in autumn of 2012 on the initiative of choirmaster Josef Surovík and several zealous singers. Currently, the choir consists of about 30 members not only from Moravia, but from Bohemia and Silesia as well.

The choir gets together approximately seven times a year, mostly for weekend gatherings, organized by one of the singers at their place of residence. The highlight of every meeting is a concert, to which Moraviachor always invites some of the local choirs. The choir also participates in various international contests.

Although the choir does not have a long history, its repertoire is relatively extensive. It comprises mainly acapella compositions by various artists produced in 20th and 21st centuries, predominantly sacral, and adaptations of traditional folk songs. In April 2016, the choir performed Mozart’s Requiem together with Sonet Vsetín and, in April 2017, together with Sonet Vsetín and Cantica Laetitia Zlín, they twice performed Requiem by Gabriel Fauré.

Moraviachor is led by Josef Surovík.


Moravské děti Holešov

City: Holešov (CZE)Moravské děti
Conductor: Mgr. Lenka Polášková

Moravské děti – Holešovský dětský sbor (The children of Moravia – Children choir Holešov) has been active in Holešov for over 40 years and belongs among top choirs famous not only in the Czech Republic, but in the rest of the world as well. Mgr. Karel Košárek established Moravské děti at the local Lidová škola umění v Holešově (Art school in Holešov) and was active as the leader for more than twenty years. In 1998, the musical director’s position was filled by MgA. Michal Vajda, and in 2003, Mgr. Lenka Polášková became the choirmaster after being the choir‘s répétiteur for some time. Since the beginning, hundreds of young people have come through the preparatory section and the choir itself. They are developing their singing abilities, learning social habits and have the opportunity to visit foreign countries and experience their cultural heritage. Moravské Děti have performed in many European countries such as Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium and Russia. The choir frequently collaborates with Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra Zlín and have recorded for the Czech Television.



City: Přelouč (CZE)Ohniváček
Conductor: Veronika Pokorná

Ohniváček (Firebirdie) choir is a preparatory choir for Rošťák and Plamen. It consists of children aged 4-10. Its aim is to awaken their love for singing and music in general, develop their rhythmic and motor awareness and skills, to teach them how to treat their voice as a musical instrument, but most of all to collectively enjoy music, musical games and their accomplishments. In the last three years, the choir won the gold prizes at Regional competition of choirs, at the Art school choirs competition and at the national competition Zahrada písní (The Songs Garden) in Prague. Last year, the choir even won the gold prize at the international Festival of Songs Olomouc. The choir is conducted by Veronika Pokorná and accompanied by Petra Lojínová.


Otroški pevski zbor Osnovne šole Orehek Kranj

City: Kranj (SLO)OPZ Oherek Kranj
Conductor: Janja Jošt

We are a children’s choir from Primary school Orehek. We come from a small town called Kranj in Slovenia. Our choir consists of 32 girls and 4 boys and is successfully led by Janja Jošt for many years.

The choir sings at school events and each year we make our own concert, which is always very successful and very well visited. The choir is regularly competing in the region’s and state’s competitions, but we participated in international competition only in 2008. Last year we made our own musical. It was very well received, that is why we had 16 shows – 14 for kids from other elementary schools and 2 evening shows for parents and outside visitors.

A competition in Olomouc would be a big challenge for these children as they haven’t been in international competition yet.


Pěvecký sbor Plamen

City: Přelouč (CZE)Plamen
Conductor: Anička Pokorná

Plamen (Flame) is a chamber choir established in 2012 by alumni of children choir Rošťák from Přelouč. Each member is studying a different high school or university, but our common love for singing and music keeps us together. As early as the first year of our existence we managed to win the silver prize in competitions such as Zahrada písní (The Songs Garden) and Prague Advent And Christmas Choral Festival With Petr Eben‘s Prize, at the international Festival of Songs Olomouc and several times we won the gold prize at Zahrada písní (The Songs Garden). However, more than collecting medals, we enjoy creating something together and looking for something new in music. The choir’s repertoire consists of traditional folk songs, spiritual songs, compositions of artists both old and contemporary, gospels, songs from musicals and popular music. Since 2014, the choir is led by Anička Pokorná.


Pjevački zbor “Josip Vrhovski” Nedelišće

City: Nedelišće (HRV)Pjevački zbor Josip Vrhovski Nedelišće
Conductor: Branimir Magdalenić

The choir Josip Vrhovski from Nedelišće (Croatia) was founded in March 1998, with the principal goal of stimulating and promoting the culture, as well as preserving the ethno-heritage in the area of its county and wider surroundings. Since its beginnings, the choir has been directed by Branimir Magdalenić, academy music professor, whose expertise and patient work benefit its continual advancement. The choir today has about 50 singers of different ages and professions, from students to retired people.
The choir has presented its work at many performances, and has been a guest in Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy…

The choir won prizes on national, regional (Novigrad, Rovinj, Šibenik, Tuhelj) and international competitions of choirs (Verona, Bratislava).


Puellae cantantes

City: Litoměřice (CZE)Puellae cantantes
Conductor: Roman Pallas

The girls‘ choir Puellae cantantes has been active at the B. Němcová‘s Elementary school in Litoměřice since 1970 (formerly known as Plamínek). The choir has performed in numerous European countries and USA, is a regular participant in both national and international competitions, regularly organizes thematic concerts in cooperation with significant Czech and foreign artists and plays an important role in vocal symphonic projects not only in Litoměřice. The choir’s repertoire consists of compositions from all historical eras and genres from Renaissance polyphonies to contemporary choir production and adaptations of traditional folk songs and popular music. The choir is currently led by choirmaster, composer and pianist Roman Pallas; the vocal direction is in hands of Saša Pallasová, who also plays the role of répétiteur.


Rybnicki Chór Kameralny Autograph

City: Rybnik (POL)RChK Autograph
Conductor: Joanna Glenc

Rybnik Chamber Choir Autograph conducted by Joanna Glenc with its artistic efforts and involvement of its choir members engraves perfectly in a singing tradition of the Polish Silesian region. The ensemble was established in 2003 and gathered young artistic individuals who were brought together by a common joy and enthusiasm for singing. The choir is composed of music enthusiast of different professions: teachers, engineers, IT specialists, economists, university and high school students.

From the very beginning the founder, artistic director and conductor of the ensemble has been Ms. Joanna Glenc who is an alumna of the Katowice Music Academy. Ms. Glenc continues to work as an academic employee and associate at the Art Department at the Institute of Music of the Silesian University.

The ensemble performs both nationally as well as internationally in different countries such as: Czech, Lithuania, Slovakia and Greece.


Singing Friends

City: Litoměřice (CZE)Singing Friends
Conductor: Roman Pallas

The mixed choir Singing Friends was established in the autumn of 2012, originally meant to be only a singing club of parents and friends of girls’ choir Puellae cantantes. In less than three years, however, its numbers had grown with numerous new members from friends, colleagues and acquaintances and it is now gradually cultivating its artistic expression while implementing ever more difficult choir compositions. Seeing as many members lack any previous choir-related experience, our main goal is not to deliver top-level performances, but to feel the joy of singing together, to discover the beauty of choir repertoire and finally to motivate younger generations with our actions.


Vachův sbor moravských učitelek

City: Brno (CZE)Vachův sbor moravských učitelek
Conductor: MgA. Jiří Najvar

Vachův sbor moravských učitelek (Vach’s choir of Moravian teachers) is a female choral society that celebrated its 105th anniversary in 2017. The choir’s activity secures its spot in the cultural life of Brno and its surroundings. In the past years, major figures had conducted the choir. In time, the repertoire became focused on spiritual music from the eras of Renaissance and Baroque with emphasis on polyphonic compositions and complemented it with newer, even modern compositions. Several Petr Eben’s compositions were implemented into the choir’s repertoire with the presence of the composer himself. The current intention of the artistic management of the choir follows the original idea of its founder, prof. Ferdinand Vach, and tries to extend the repertoire with new forms of music production. Substantial enrichment of artistic possibilities and of the appeal of the choir’s concerts is possible thanks to collaborations with soloists, mixed choir and both chamber and symphonic ensembles. The current choirmaster and artistic director is Jiří Najvar, a graduate of choirmaster studies at the Faculty of Music at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.


VOKÁL Přerov

City: Přerov (CZE)Vokál Přerov
Conductor: Kamila Zenklová

Vokál Přerov Mixed Choir was founded in 1963 and comprises amateur singers. The choir regularly performs, participates in competitions and tours abroad. Their repertoire contains classical pieces as well as folk songs, pop songs and gospel music. The choir has also recorded 3 CDs. Since 1999 it has been conducted by MgA. Kamila Zenklová.


Women choir Lilith

City: Ptuj (SLO)Women choir Lilith
Conductor: Jasna Drobne

Women choir Liltih consists of 24 singers from 18 to 60 years old. They have been active under the guidance of Jasna Drobne for three years. Every year the choir performs on city concerts and other festivals in our country Slovenia. Festival of Songs 2018 is the choir’s first competition. The repertoire of choir ranges from Slovenian and world folk songs, songs of Slovenian and world composers, spiritual to pop music. All members of the choir are non professional singers that sing with empathy and love for music. They practise once a week for two hours.