Participating choirs FOSO 2019

47. International Choir
Festival of Songs Olomouc 2019



City: Liberec (CZE)
Conductor: Miloslava Čechlovská, Daniel Hutař
Competition categories: A3, D

The Altitudo student choir is a choir of Gymnázium and Vocational School of Pedagogy Liberec, Jeronýmova. The choir is under the patronage of Dramacentrum Bezejména. It is led by Miloslava Čechlovská and Daniel Hutař, accompanied by Vilém Valkoun on the piano. Last year, the choir represented the Czech Republic at the European Music Festival for Young People, Neerpelt, from where they brought two gold medals. The choir engages in contemporary choral music and adaptations of both traditional folk songs and popular music.


Atlantic Girls Choir

City: Newfoundland (CAN)
Conductor: Jennifer Beynon-Martinec
Competition categories: A2

The Atlantic Girls Choir is a choir based in the province of Newfoundland, Canada and consists of forty five girls between twelve and nineteen in its senior ensemble. The organization also trains young singers in the Kinder Choir (ages four to seven) and the Junior Choir (ages eight to twelve).

The Atlantic Girls Choir was founded in 2014 and we are proud to have Jennifer Beynon-Martinec as the Artistic Director. The AGC has a mandate to bring excellent choral training to all parts of the province and create a wider community of girls who sing together and build each other up. As an organization, we hope to inspire strength and intelligence whilst working towards the common goal of creating beautiful music. We aim to encourage a lasting community of young women who strive to be the voice our future.


Auris Brunensis

City: Brno (CZE)
Conductor: Ing. BcA. Tereza Toufarová
Competition categories: C

AURIS BRUNENSIS (translated as The Ear of Brno) is a female chamber choir led by the musical director Tereza Toufarová. The members of the choir mostly come from youth choir Kantiléna at the Brno Philharmonic. Kantiléna, led by professor Ivan Sedláček, has also brought the Auris Brunensis members towards the renaissance spiritual music, although it is not an exclusive repertoire for this ensemble. Auris Brunensis tries to make good use of its indisputable singing qualities as both singing technique and singing style and artistic expression go.



City: Almaty (KAZ)
Conductor: Yelena Baiysbayeva
Competition categories: A2, E

Children‘s choir „Baiterek“ was founded in 2002 on the basis of the musical department at №79 Gymnasium in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Artistic director and conductor is Yelena Baiysbayeva.

The choir „Baiterek“ is the best collective of the city and the country. The choir takes an active part in different musical contests, festivals. Every year, the choir is invited to take part in productions of operas. The choir cooperates with leading musicians and famous choirs the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are classical, folk and modern music in repertoire of the choir. Every year, the choir takes part in town, republican and international contests and festivals.


Choir of Martime University of Szczecin

City: Szczecin (POL)
Conductor: Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch
Competition categories: A4, E

The Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk- Makuch, PhD, has now existed for 15 years. Currently, the ensemble gathers over 70 members; musicians and amateurs, enthusiasts of all kinds of music. From the very beginning, the Choir was a true showcase of the city and the region, spreading the maritime tradition in the country and abroad. Now the group consists of over 80 people and has on its account: hundreds of concerts, over a dozen international tours, several dozen major prizes at prestigious choir festivals in Poland and abroad, five CDs and numerous premieres of contemporary music.


Choir of Medical University of Białystok

City: Białystok (POL)
Conductor: Anna Moniuszko
Competition categories: B, E

The group is a mixed choir. Its repertoire consists of sacral and secular pieces ranging from the early Renaissance period to premieres of contemporary artists’ works. The choir also performs oratorios and operas, singing with symphonic and chamber groups both from Poland and from abroad. Since 1970s, it has regularly collaborated with the orchestra of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic. It also performed with many other European orchestras. In their long history, medical students from Białystok have participated in numerous prestigious competitions and festivals, winning many prizes and awards. They performed concerts in multiple European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain and Vatican City where they had the honour to perform during a holy mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. They were also the only choir from Poland who participated in the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel.


Choir of the University of Economics in Katowice

City: Katowice (POL)
Conductor: Michał Brożek
Competition categories: A4, B

The Choir of the University of Economics in Katowice was established in 2006. Its repertoire covers old music, classical music, romantic and contemporary music including religious songs, arrangements of pop music, songs inspired from the folklore but also oratorical works. The Choir participated in many festivals and competitions in Poland and abroad: in Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Macedonia and China. It cooperates with Polish and foreign choirs and orchestras. Since 2018, the Choir is the organizer of the Metropolitan Choral Festival.


DPS Cantabile ZUŠ Hranice

City: Hranice (CZE)
Conductor: Markéta Lásková
Competition categories: A2

The choir consists of students aged 9-15. We practice for 3 hours once a week. Twice a year, we organize weekend workshops and when needed, we also practice on Saturdays. Most of our children also play some musical instruments and undertake a musical education. The children use, perfect and develop the knowledge previously gained from a preparatory section of the choir. This section already features polyphonic compositions. Among our accolades are: MŠMT Competition in Jeseník 2016 (gold medal), MŠMT Competition in Litomyšl 2016 (silver medal), International Festival of Songs Olomouc 2016 (gold medal), Festival of Songs Olomouc 2017 (gold medal).


DPS Jiskřička

City: Prague (CZE)
Conductor: Anna Nebáznivá
Competition categories: A1

Children’s choir Jiskřička (Sparklet) was founded in 1985 in Uhříněves, Prague by the Bratří Jandusů Elementary School. Since 2012, the choir is led by Anna Nebáznivá, whose leadership sees almost a hundred children coming from a single elementary school singing in three departments. Its latest accolade is the participation in the national display of school children’s choirs, representing the regions of Prague and Central Bohemia. The choir performs regularly at both the city’s and school’s events, organizes educational concerts for pupils of nurseries and elementary schools and senior citizens.


DPS Primavera

City: Brno (CZE)
Conductor: Natalia Chirilenco, Igor Karpilovskij
Competition categories: A1

The children’s choir Primavera was established in 1992 as a selective art ensemble by Jaroslav Kvapil’s Art School in Brno. Together with its preparatory choir Čerešničky (Little Cherries), it assembles the gifted singers of various elementary and high schools of Brno. In the academic year of 2018/19, Natalia Chirilenco is the choirmaster of Primavera.

The choir emphasizes the education regarding correct singing techniques, breathing techniques and correct articulation. As the children grow older, performing polyphonic compositions and the feeling for music become the central focus. Concert activity is a large part of Primavera’s endeavours. The choir finds its motivation and inspiration in choir competitions and choir exchanges.


DPS Studánka

City: Police nad Metují (CZE)
Conductor: Miriam Blažková
Competition categories: A2

Studánka Children’s choir operates by the Police nad Metují Art school. Since 1998, the choir is led by Miriam Blažková. Seeing as each of our singers also play musical instruments, we use their skills to freshen up the accompaniment to choral singing. For many years, the choir has been accompanied by teacher Pavel Čapek on the piano. The choir regularly performs at art school concerts, public events of its home town and sometimes travels abroad. The repertoire features songs by contemporary artists, classical composers and old masters. The choir is a regular at Festival of Songs Olomouc, but always comes with a new generation of singers.



City: Vsetín (CZE)
Conductor: Helena Kaločová
Competition categories: A6

PS Hekal was established in 2010 in Vsetín by the graduates of high-school choir PS Song of Masaryk’s Gymnasium Vsetín. It is a choir of university students and young people who feel the need to further develop their love for choir singing. In the short time since its inception, the choir has realized a number of concerts in Vsetín and its surroundings, undertook a concert trip to southern Italy together with PS Song and successfully participated in the international contest Zlatna vila in Prijedor in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the regional contest Chrám i tvrz (Temple and fortress), the choir has managed to win the 1st place. It won three silver medals at the Festival of International Choral Art in Jihlava in 2011, 2015 and 2017. In 2014, the choir participated in the Proms Prague festival in the international choir; in 2016, it has again took part in an international choir in Prague singing Carmina Burana. The Hekal choir is led by the conductor PaedDr. Helena Kaločová.


IELEV 125th Year Children’s Choir

City: Istanbul (TUR)
Conductor: Gamze Yegmen
Competition categories: A1

IELEV 125th Year Children‘s Choir was established in 2009 with 55 students. Our choir, which is composed of 9-12 year old students, participates in school choreographies and music events. Our choir performs their work in a music event called “Music Night” which takes place in a big concert hall in Istanbul every year. Our choir’s repertoire consists of singing, polyphonic singing, national and international songs. Our choir has been working towards competitions and has been participating international festivals since 2013. Among others, we participated in the 41st Festival of Song Olomouc 2014 and took the 3nd place in Folkloric style.



City: Olomouc (CZE)
Conductor: Mgr. Hana Vyroubalová
Competition categories: A5

Kassiopea is a female chamber choir established in autumn 2006 in Olomouc under the leadership of Mgr. Hana Vyroubalová. The chamber choir can be regularly seen attending spring and Christmas concerts as well as a number of cultural events in Olomouc. Kassiopea has also participated in national and international choir singing festivals. For example, it got the third place at a festival in Ternopil, Ukraine; in 2014, it has won a silver medal at the Festival of International Choral Art in Jihlava and in 2017, it has won the gold medal at the Festival of Songs Olomouc. In 2017, the choir has performed together with a swing orchestra New Street Band in the musical Kéž by tisíc klarinetů, which has won the Olomouc Region Cultural Award for 2016.


Komorní sbor Florian

City: Jeseník (CZE)
Conductor: Zdena Blechtová
Competition categories: A6, B

The chamber choir Florian was founded in 2000 by a famous musical personality of Jesenicko region, the choirmaster and music teacher Zdeněk Florian of Gymnasium Jeseník. Since its inception, it has took part in hundreds of performances, concerts, parades and festivals. Currently, the choir unites 11 fans of choral music of different age and professions, connected by their love for singing so-called old music, spiritual music, songs by Jaroslav Ježek, spirituals, gospels, folklore music and jazz.


Medical University of Gdansk Choir

City: Gdańsk (POL)
Conductor: Błazej Połom
Competition categories: A4

The Medical University of Gdańsk choir is the creator of the 70-year tradition of artistic activity for the environment of its Alma Mater and a wide range of lovers of high musical culture. The band has performed in 25 countries around the world and is a proud holder of outstanding awards at prestigious choirs and competitions, and especially marked its class in major European competitions. The choir‘s ambition is to constantly develop and learn new musical genres with their cultural heritage, which is why participation in numerous choral workshops in many countries.


Mixed Choir Sedyanka

City: Silistra (BGR)
Conductor: Lidiya Kuleva
Competition categories: A4

The representative mixed choir “Sedyanka” is the first musical institution in Silistra, founded in 1894 by the Czech artist Karel Mahan. For 120 years of its existence the choir‘s repertoire includes religious and secular musical pieces, arrangements of traditional folk songs, as well as choral works from pre-classics and classics. Honoured many times by the Union of the Bulgarian Composers with prizes for best interpretation of Bulgarian music, the choir has also won prestigious international awards in almost all of Europe. In the rich collection of awards the highest one is for cultural activities in Bulgaria – Order “Cyril and Methodius” – first degree. At present the Mixed Choir “Sedyanka” is led by the conductor Lidiya Kuleva.


Mládežnický sbor Karla Dvořáčka

City: Orlová (CZE)
Conductor: Mgr. Jaromír Vrlík
Competition categories: A2

The youth Choir of Karel Dvořáček operates at a school of the same name in Orlová since 1992. Boys who could no longer sing in DPS Kopretina found their calling here. Together with Kopretina (Daisy), the choir is involved in the school’s and town’s events. The choir is also a regular and successful attendee at many choir contests and festivals in the whole country. As regards the national festivals of children’s choirs, the choir regularly wins gold and silver prizes. Its repertoire contains compositions of both old and contemporary composers, folk songs in various adaptations, but also popular music.



City: Brno (CZE)
Conductor: Stanislav Smoček
Competition categories: B

Mladost choir is an amateur female choir from Brno established in 1956 as a children’s choir. Every year, it organizes a number of concerts and performs at both national and foreign choir festivals. Currently, its choirmaster is Stanislav Smoček, a student of choir conducting at JAMU in Brno. The repertoire consists of sacred and sacral compositions, vocal polyphonies written by old masters, songs by classical composers both foreign and Czech (e.g. Petr Erben, Zdeněk Lukáš, Petr Řezníček), spirituals and interpretations of domestic and foreign folk songs.



City: Litoměřice (CZE)
Conductor: Alexandra Pallasová
Competition categories: A1, D

Modrásci is the oldest preparatory choir of the girls’ choir of Puellae cantantes in Litoměřice. The singers are aged between 8 and 11 years. Since its foundation in 2002, the choir has been participating in the Festival of Songs Olomouc almost every year, where it has been awarded three gold medals, and in other local as well as national festivals and competitions. The choir has performed many concerts in various places around the country; they also went on tour to Poland and competed in Belgium.


Music BoDo mladší

City: Olomouc (CZE)
Conductor: Mgr. Hana Vyroubalová
Competition categories: A1

Children’s choir Music BoDo – Younger section belongs with the choirs of BoDo centre Olomouc. Young children sing folk songs, contemporary pieces and simple interpretations of old music. The choir practices regularly for an hour a week. They perform at summer and winter concerts in Olomouc, the Česko zpívá koledy (Czechia Sings Carols) event and participate in choir parades in Vsetín and Uničov.


Orbis pictus Ostrov

City: Ostrov (CZE)
Conductor: Mgr. Lenka Kozohorská
Competition categories: A4

The Orbis pictus Ostrov choir was established in 1998 as a female choir originally. However, later it has been expanded with a male section and currently has 25 members in total. The choir’s repertoire is very rich, we sing the songs of old masters, sacred songs and songs of our contemporaries as well. We operate in the whole Karlovy Vary region, we organize charity concerts, Christmas and Easter performances and events with friendly choirs. We are active members of the The Czech Choirs Association. In 2018, we took part in Festival of International Choral Art in Jihlava, where we won the bronze prize. We consider our undying love for singing together even after all those years to be our biggest success. From the very beginning, we have been under the leadership of choirmaster Mgr. Lenka Kozohorská.


Pěvecké sdružení slezských učitelek

City: Opava (CZE)
Conductor: Jiří Slovík
Competition categories: A5

The PSSU Opava Choir celebrated its 60th birthday last May. What was originally solely teacher’s choir nowadays accepts female singers of other professions as well. Since the beginning, the choir has practised hundreds of compositions and it was led by choirmasters such as František Hába or Petr Škarohlíd. The choir has visited a number of European countries, participating in many festivals and contests. Recently, our biggest successes are the 2nd place we brought from the Praga Cantat Festival in 2017 and the recording of our profile album.


Pěvecký sbor Konzervatoře v Teplicích

City: Teplice (CZE)
Conductor: Roman Pallas
Competition categories: A3

This mixed choir, consisting mainly of students of 1st to 3rd grade, now works under the leadership of choirmaster Roman Pallas. In the recent years, the choir has repeatedly taken part in performing demanding vocal-instrumental pieces by many world-known classical composers together with North Czech Philharmonic Teplice, Symphonic Orchestra Děčín and the conservatory school symphonic orchestra. Every year, the choir participates in the introduction of Ryba’s Czech Mass in Dům kultury Teplice. Apart from this, the band rehearses and performs original choral compositions from Renaissance masterpieces to works of contemporary composers.


Pěvecký sbor města Vrbna pod Pradědem

City: Vrbno pod Pradědem (CZE)
Conductor: Mgr. Leoš Sekanina
Competition categories: A4, B

Vrbno pod Pradědem Town Choir was established in 1971 as exclusively teacher’s choir. Currently, the choir features almost 40 singers of various professions and age – from students to experienced senior singers. The choir interprets works from various eras starting with Renaissance polyphonies and ending with 20th century compositions. Interpretations of both Czech and foreign traditional folk songs are also a point of the choir’s attention. The choir has “scored” at Praga cantat competition, as well as Festival of Songs Olomouc and various international festivals. Vrbno’s choir has visited several European and Asian countries and maintains friendly relations with many Czech choirs. Recently, some of the choir’s major trips have been to France, Slovakia’s Senica and several times a year, the choir sings with its friendly Polish counterparts. A significant segment of choir’s activity is organizing cultural events in its home region – 24 years of International choir festival, Christmas and summer concerts alike and performances of friendly choirs both domestic and foreign. The choir also takes part in regional children’s choir events. It was founded by Eva Vacková and since 1986 helped by Leoš Sekanina, who is now the choirmaster.


Pjevački zbor “Josip Vrhovski” Nedelišće

City: Nedelišće (HRV)
Conductor: Branimir Magdalenić
Competition categories: C

The choir Josip Vrhovski from Nedelišće (Croatia) was founded in March 1998, with the principal goal of stimulating and promoting the culture, as well as preserving the ethno-heritage in the area of its county and wider surroundings. Since its beginnings, the choir has been directed by Branimir Magdalenić, academy music professor, whose expertise and patient work benefit its continual advancement. The choir today has about 50 singers of different ages and professions, from students to retired people.
The choir has presented its work at many performances, and has been a guest in Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy…

The choir won prizes on national, regional (Novigrad, Rovinj, Šibenik, Tuhelj) and international competitions of choirs (Verona, Bratislava, Olomouc).



City: Riga (LVA)
Conductor: Baiba Mangule
Competition categories: C

The mixed choir of the graduates of Natalija Draudzina Secondary School (former Riga Secondary School No 7) ‘Saulgriezi’ (Solstice) is founded in 1990. The artistic director of the choir is the conductor and the music teacher Baiba Mangule. Over the years the choir with a small break has been active, has given concerts in the churches of Latvia, participated in a number of Latvian Song and Dance Festivals, several times has given concerts in Sweden and Finland, as well as participated in festivals and choir competitions in other European countries. The choir consists of 38 singers. The repertoire of the choir mainly consists of Latvian folk songs, Latvian a Capella choral music and sacred music.


Štývarův dětský sbor

City: Třinec (CZE)
Conductor: Alena Kostková
Competition categories: A2

Štývar’s children’s choir was founded in 1961 at a youth centre in Třinec. Three years later, Václav Štývar started to participate in the choir’s activity, leading to an artistic growth while enriching the choir with a number of his own songs. In the 70s and 80s, the choir has entered the public’s view with a collection of children’s songs recorded together with Ostrava Radio Orchestra.

Since 1997, the choir is led by Alena Kostková – a cellist, art school teacher and artistic director of Třinec Chamber Orchestra. The choir regularly takes part in both national and international competitions, where it always ends among the top positions.


UCSI University Chamber Choir

City: Kuala Lumpur (MYS)
Conductor: Terrence Ling Hung Shu
Competition categories: A4

The UCSI University Chamber Choir is one from the five vocal ensembles in UCSI University and is highly regarded. They perform repertoire that extends back to the European Renaissance and include a diverse range of choral music from cultures, styles and genres to contemporary music. Besides that, UCSI’s Chamber Choir also extends privileges to its members to perform music with the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra. Presently, the choir consists of 30 students, all enrolled with classical or contemporary music degree programs offered by the the university’s Institute of Music.


Ženský komorní sbor Floriana

City: Jeseník (CZE)
Conductor: Zdena Blechtová
Competition categories: A6

Female chamber choir Floriana has originated as a part of the chamber choir Florian due to its female members’ desire to sing using female voices only. Our long-time regular participation in Bělotín’s week of singing in Hranice na Moravě and choir singing under the leadership of professional choirmasters motivates us to study the most beautiful compositions choral literature offers, songs for all-female choirs included.