Participating choirs GPT 2019


12th Grand Prix Thailand 2019


Blue Choir, Faculty of engineering, Sam Ratulangi University

Category: A4, C

Conductor: Refly Rondunuwu, st.

City, country: Manado, Indonesia

Blue Choir or also known as Biro Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Fakultas Teknik (BPSMFT) Unsrat, was born in 27th September 1996. Blue Choir is a choir of students from Faculty of Engineering Sam Ratulangi University Manado. In previous years, Blue Choir participated in some International choir competitions and got many achievements such as, Silver medal in Musica Sacra category and Gold Diploma in Gospel Spiritual category on 4th World Choir Games Xiamen-China (2006),1st rank in Musica Contemporanaea category on Asia Pacific Choir Games in Manado, Silver medal in Folklore category on 1st Lanna International Choir Competition 2016, and Gold Medal in Folklore Category on 1st Manado Cantat International Choir Competition (2017). Silver Medal IX category Mix Youth and Gold Medal II category Folklore on event 7th Bali International Choir Festival.


Chung Ling High School Choir

Category: A3

Conductor: Ling Ai Ying

City, country: Georgetown, Malaysia

The Chung Ling High School Choir was founded in the 1970’s and was one of the most former clubs in Chung Ling High School Penang, Malaysia. The Chung Ling High School Choir has been maintaining its outstanding performance and prominence throughout the years of establishment. Moreover, the choir takes pride in Penang to win the Gold Award and to emerge as the Overall Champion in the Penang State Level Choir Competition 2017 and 2018 continuously for two years. Under Miss Ling Ai Ying, the choir moved onto national platforms, and has achieved Gold Awards in both the 3rd and 4th Malaysia International Music Arts Festival. The Chung Ling High School Choir has frequently been invited to perform in various occasions in Chung Ling High School, including the Chung Ling Centenary that was hosted in 2017, Chung Ling Cultural Night and Chung Ling International Education and Career Exhibition 2018. The school choir made its first ever competitive debut on the international stage by taking part in the 3rd Singapore International Choir Festival 2017, obtaining a Silver Award in the process. The school choir also participated in Orientale Concentus International Choir Festival 2018 and proudly won a Gold Award.


Dara Chorus

Category: A3

Conductor: Anusit Gatehawn

City, country: Wat Ket, Thailand

Dara Chorus was founded in 2006. Founded by Dr. Rasamee Daengsuwan, she gathered around 100 students from Dara Academy, Chiang Mai, to train students to have skills in choir singing. Mr. Anusit Kethom and Mrs. Ketakan Yotamas are currently teachers at Dara Academy and also the conductors and teachers of Dara Chorus choir. Dara chorus practice working together to participate in activities in the school and around Chiang Mai and has participated in various programs by the Ministry of Education. And the Ministry of Culture which is organized every year for Choirs to participate in Choir Competition. Pattaya International Competition (International choir festival Grand Prix Thailand). The 1st Lanna International Choir Competition 2016, Christmas Choral Choir Competition, and representing the northern region, participating in the national young artists contest, organized by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture at the Ganesha Auditorium Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Bang Khen District, Bangkok, won the 222 national award, received a medal with a prize of 60,000 baht. The Dara Chorus choir won the first prize of singing choir, a project to promote young artists of the country.


Delta Cielo

Category: A3, C

Conductor: Muhammad Faiz Muhdi

City, country: Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Starting from the social media status of one of our founders Norma Nrangwesti, S.Pd., we have the desire to form our own Independent choir community that represent Sidoarjo City. By gathering choir colleagues, old friends, and trainers who are domiciled in our city or from anywhere who want to commit, we build this team with mutual passion, which is officially born on August 1, 2016.

With our spirit, we who just practice for one month following Festival Paduan Suara UINSA Surabaya, as our first moment to following competition and introducing our choir’s name, Delta Cielo Choir. With His Blessing, we were able to win 3rd place in our first competition. The achievements that we have achieved for 2 years stand are:

  • 2nd place Festival Paduan Suara UINSA Surabaya 2016
  • 1st Winner Lomba Paduan Suara Tingkat Kota Surabaya “CHOIR AND PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION 2017”
  • Gold Medal Folklore Category Penabur International Choir Festival 2017, Jakarta
  • 1st Winner Harmonious Melody Choir Competition 2018.


Gang-Buk Ladies Choir

Category: D

Conductor: Hye Kyoung Ra

City, country: Seoul, South Korea

Ever since its establishment in 1995, as one of the most favorite cultural ambassadors of the City of Gang-Buk, Seoul, the Gang-Buk Ladies Choir (GBLC) has showed their passion for music through various public concerts. From the winning Grand-Prix at Seoul Female Choir Competition in 1995 and many other activities brought big applauses to the choir and also to the city.

GBLC currently consists of 20 singers with ages from 25 years, and they practice twice per week for two hours. They sing at outreach concerts in hospitals, schools and community as well. Their repertoire varies widely from Western classical music to Korean traditional music and also to Popular music.


Gita Vyatra Choir

Category: A4, C

Conductor: Heri Sutiono, Effendy M. Hana

City, country: Kabupaten Blora, Indonesia

Gita Vyatra Choir is one of the student activity units of PEM Akamigas which is engaged in singing and also music. It was formed around the year 80’s by Mr. Heri Sutiyono with the name Gita Vyatra Choir where at that time, the management and members were the management of PEM Akamigas. Initially, the Gita Vyatra Choir was formed to meet campus needs in certain events, namely singing songs when the event is held. As time went on, the Gita Vyatra Choir continued to grow until the opening of public path in PEM Akamigas and in August 2016 the management and membership of the Gita Vyatra Choir were transferred to students. With this transition, the Gita Vyatra Choir was renamed the The Gita Vyatra Student Choir which was later recognized as one of the student activity units in PEM Akamigas.

Gita Vyatra consists of two different meanings, the words “gita” means “Singing” and “Vyatra” taken from the name of the dormitory of PEM Akamigas. The Gita Vyatra Student Choir continues to grow and is always invited to participate in certain events organized by the Ministry of Energy and Human Resources. By participating in these events, the The Gita Vyatra Student Choir is more widely known by the general public.


KMITL Chorus

Category: A4, B

Conductor: Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan

City, country: Bangkok, Thailand

KMITL Chorus (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Choir) was established in 2012. Since then, KMITL Chorus has been given various opportunities to deliver opening performances in many special occasions including the KMITL’s International Conferences, as well as has been annually invited to perform in Thailand Choral Festival.

Under the baton of Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan, a music director, KMITL Chorus is gaining high reputation from the public and Thai choral communities and can be considered one of the most well-known choirs in Thailand.


Mamma Mia Choir

Category: A7

Conductor: Paulus Henky Yoedianto

City, country: Jakarta, Indonesia

Mamma Mia Choir was established in 2008, started as a group of people from a community that has same passion to sing and would like to develope their hobby and make great achievements in the singing world as a choir group. They were trained by Andrew Y. and continue since 2013 until present by Paulus H Yoedianto.

They achieved Gold Medal Award in The 6th Bali International Choir Festival in 2017, and participate almost every year in Xiao Yuan Choir Festival. They also have had their own concert in Medan.

Until now, Mamma Mia Choir still pursuit their dream to become the most outstanding senior-female choir in Indonesia.


PSM Wilmar Business Indonesia

Category: C

Conductor: Hendra Fischer lingga

City, country: Medan, Indonesia

WBI PSM Medan was established on September 19, 2015, with regular training every Monday and Tuesday. Until now, the management structure has been held by Mr. Bilson Pandiangan as a Supervisor, Mrs. Sanny as a Coach (Lecturer) and Mr. Hendra (Coach International Choir). This choir won many awards such as:

1. Became performer on the End of the Year in JW Marriot Hotel from 2015 until now.

2. Became the performer during the Graduation Ceremony in January.

3. Became the performer upon arrival of Mr. Martua Sitorus as CEO of P – WBI.

4. The last appearance was perform on the Event of UNESCO.


TSIS Young Choristers

Category: A2, E

Conductor: Giovanni Sornito

City, country: Samutprakan, Thailand

The TSIS Young Choristers is the school choir of Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS), which is located in Samutprakan province in the Kingdom of Thailand. The choir was organised in August of 2015 as part of the school elective programme in the upper primary and lower secondary.

Currently, there are 34 members of the choir coming from primary 4, 5 and 6, and secondary year 1 and 2 levels at TSIS. The choir director is Mr Giovanni Sornito, who is assisted by Ms Christine Palermo. The choir accompanist is Mr Dave Jan Fabe, who is also the group advisor.

TSIS Young Choristers regularly performs during school elective presentations, which are organised three times in a year at the end of each school term, as well as during annual internal events, such as International Day, Valentine’s Day, charity or fundraising shows and Christmas show.

UCSI University Singers

Category: A3

Conductor: Gan Kee Huong

City, country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Established in early 2018, the UCSI University Singers comprises 77 highly ambitious and talented students selected from both the classical and contemporary music programs of UCSI Institute of Music. Under the careful tutelage of Mr. Terrence Ling Hung Shu, these young musicians have grown musically, and more importantly, developed an acute sensitivity to musical cooperation, a crucial and intrinsic quality that is often considered as a sign of distinction in the art of choral singing.