Branko Stark

Branko Stark (1954), composer, choral director and voice teacher is a teacher at the Arts Academy (University of Split, Croatia) where he educates his students on vocal technique, singing and acting voice. He has written over two hundred compositions, for which he is the recipient of numerous awards. His speciality is voice theory and scientific-pedagogic research and works published on this subject.

He holds seminars, lectures and workshops for choral conductors and singers worldwide (Argentina, China, Slovenia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, USA, Korea, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Singapur, Brunei, Latvia, Czech Republic). Mr. Stark is also a prominent adjudicator for many international choral competitions (Germany, Austria, Croatia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Latvia, Italy, Sri Lanka, Korea).

He is the President of the Croatian Choral Directors Association, leader of the Vocal Academy, and a member of the International Council of the World Choir Games.