Cool-Jae Huh

Dr. HUH teaches Choral Conducting and Choral Arranging at Graduate School of Gwang-Ju University (GJU). Prior to his serving at GJU, he taught at University of Seoul for 5 years. He also has took part of many other activities in and out of Korea such as the international Choral/A Cappella events in Jeju, Guam, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Singapore and Switzerland as a juror or lecturer.

Dr. HUH is regarded as one of the leading choral composers in Korea. He has written ten operas, four masses, more than a hundred small pieces, and numerous choral arrangements of traditional music, native art songs, and popular songs.

Dr. HUH has founded Korean Choral Composers Association, and is leading the Korean A-Cappella Society. He also has served on the Board of KFCM (Korean Federation for Choral Music) from 2008 thru 10,and 2014. He is currently the composer in residence for National Chorus of Korea(NCK).