Jan Pirner

He is a choirmaster of children’s choir Radost Praha (Joy Prague) since 2012. He studied Czech language and Musical education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague (2002-2008) and Musicology at the Faculty of Humanities (2003-2006). He is dedicated to music since his early years – first in boy choir Pueri gaudentes, later as a member of professional choirs and chamber bands (Kühn Choir of Prague, Prague Chamber Choir, CNSO Mixed Choir) or as a occasional guest performer (Czech Ensemble Baroque Choir, Prague Philharmonic Choir). In his childhood, he was heavily influenced by composer and teacher Pavel Jurkovič. In 2010-2013, he was the director of Prague Chamber Choir, with which he travelled through most of Europe, Japan, Macao and Lebanon and repeatedly visited important music festivals (Rossini Opera Festival, Wexford Festival Opera etc.) In 2012-2018, he worked at the Department of Ethnomusicology at Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, where he was active as an editor of science magazine Musical science and participated in researching Dvořák. Since 2012, he works in The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture as an administrator of music library, editor of Polyhymnia Bohemica and, starting this year, also as an expert in adult choral singing. In the recent years, he won several major prizes in European competitions (Neerpelt, Montreux, Kaunas, Preveza, Rimini) together with Radost Praha. For his work, he has been awarded with the award for best choirmaster at the Kaunas Cantat festival in Lithuania, award for merits in cultural activity by the Municipal Board for Prague 7 and the Choirmaster junior award by The Czech Choirs Association. He is an active member of Pavel Jurkovič Society, a member of juries of both national and international choral competitions.