Szabó Szabolcs

Dr. Szabó Szabolcs was born in Szabadegyháza in 1948 and graduated from ELTE BTK in 1978 with a Doctorate in Hungarian literature awarded in 1986. He teaches Hungarian literature and singing at the Leőwey Klára High School in Pécs, where he leads school choirs since 1981. His student-choirs have won the ‘Golden warrant’ many times as well as the award ‘Choir of the Year’. Radio-performances and special awards are associated with his name. His students have performed in several nation-wide and county competitions on Hungarian language and literature. He is a choralist of the well-known Spiritual Quartett of Pécs from 1969, founder and choir master of the Teachers’ Chamber Choir from 1978. The choir recorded an audio cassette, LP and CDs and performs successfully in radio, television, and numerous festivals in Hungary and abroad. Dr. Szabolcs Szabó won the special Choirmaster award in Budapest and other prizes such as the ‘Artisjus Award’.