Yasuko Nakai

Yasuko Nakai (born 1989 in Osaka, Japan) graduated in Danish, Linguistics and Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language at the Osaka University where she obtained Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees. After completing her studies, she taught Japanese at the Duesseldorf University (Germany) and Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) for a short period of time. Her musical journey began at the age of eleven when she performed in class choir as a soloist. Since 2001, she has been performing with the Toyonaka boys‘ and girls‘ choir where she currently acts as conductor and teacher. She is also a member of the Toyonaka Philharmonic Choir which was founded in 1941. The choir has worked with many contemporary composers and strives to create new and innovative compositions. The choir has also performed in joint concerts with childrens‘ choirs.

Nakai took 7th place at the World Symposium on Choral Music in Kyoto and 8th place in Copenhagen.