Competition rules

Harmonia Iuvenalis

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    1. International competition of youth orchestras ”Harmonia Iuvenalis” is open for young musicians under 30 years of age.
    2. Age limit: The age limit for the majority of musicians is up to and including 30 years of age on the day of the competition. The organisers grant an exception for 20% of the total orchestra members. This must be reported to the organisers in advance.
    3. Orchestration & number of musicians: In symphony orchestras category orchestration is unlimited. In chamber orchestras category, participation of ensembles with strings and winds is presumed. Number of players in all categories is unlimited.
    4. Age limit and number of musicians: Organisers require that a list of musicians with their full name and date of birth is submitted in advance.
    5. Time limit: The playing time for all categories is 25 minutes (minimum time is 10 minutes). The playing time excludes time taken by entering/ exiting the stage, time between pieces or time incurred by applause. If the time limit is exceeded, the jury will terminate the competition performance.
    6. Competition repertoire: The repertoire is unlimited. Selection of the compositions should be contrasting. Compositions for orchestra and soloist are not allowed.
    7. Competition repertoire: The ensemble must send by post 5 copies of compositions and list of compositions containing full name of compositions, name of composer, time duration of each composition and orchestration before the application deadline. Programme must be performed in order given in the list of compositions and printed festival brochure.
    8. Competition compositions: Copies of scores are not returned, they will remain in the festival’s archive.
    9. Acoustic rehearsal at competition venue: The maximum time provided for an acoustic rehearsal of an ensemble at the competition venue is 30 minutes (including entering/exiting the stage). The rehearsal time is stated by the organisers. The rehearsal time is fixed and must be respected. If the time limit is exceeded, the rehearsal will be terminated by the organisers. If the given date or time of a rehearsal is not complied with, no other rehearsal time will be arranged. Given the limited capacity of the competition venues, acoustic rehearsals will usually take place one day (but not exclusively) before a competition performance of a given choir from 7:30am to 10:00pm.
    10. Competition venue: Each ensemble has to register at the authorized stage manager of competition venue. The stage manager will assign each ensemble dressing room. All participants are obliged to respect time schedules and instructions given at competition venue.
    11. Technical specification: Instrumental ensembles are obliged to send a stage plan indicating the location of all instruments and musicians, a list of all instruments used and a list of instruments to be rented from the organisers.
    12. Competition jury: Performance will be evaluated by international jury headed by the chairman of the jury. The decision of jury is final.
    13. The main rating elements are:

      • Interpretation
      • Repertoire difficulty and selection
      • Technical skill
      • General artistic impression (intonation, rhythm, dynamics, etc.)


    14. Evaluation system: Each judge has a maximum of 30 points at disposal, distributed according to rating elements. The average number of points is calculated on the basis of the total number of points awarded by the jury. The Awards with the relevant levels are presented according to the number of points received. Golden and silver Award (medal) has ten levels (I – low level; X – high level), bronze award has 8 levels. The awards are not limited in number.
    15. Honourable mention I – II (1.00 – 2.99 points)

      Bronze medal III – X (3.00 – 10.99 points)

      Silver medal I – X (11.00 – 20.99 points)

      Gold medal I – X (21.00 – 30.00 points)

    16. Evaluation documentation: After announcement of the results will be held meeting of conductors and jurors. Conductors have opportunity to discuss jurors’ comments immediately. Individual evaluation sheets of jurors with comments will be available after the festival.
    17. Title and prices: In the “Harmonia Iuvenalis” competition prizes might be announced. The rewards may be either financial or non-financial. In case that rewards are announced, information about them will be posted on the website of the festival’s organiser (