The organiser provides discounts on Stay Packages, Activity Pass and registration fee. The conditions for granting discounts are described below. Some of the discounts can be combined. Please contact the organiser for more information.

A) Early bird discount:

  • The organiser offers a 10% early bird discount on stay packages. It will be applied if an application form and a stay package form is submitted, and registration fee as well as a stay package deposit is paid by DECEMBER 1, 2019.

B) Discount for the first registered choir from a country

  • The organiser offers 10% discount on stay packages for the first registered choir from a given country. This discount will be applied to an ensemble which applied first from their country.

Discount for choirs with 41 members and more

  • Ensembles with more than 41 members will get a 20 % discount on Activity pass. The discount will be applied only if the Activity pass is bought separately (no stay package for the group) and if the group provides the organiser with a namelist.