Grand Prix Thailand

  • Grand Prix Thailand 2020

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Absolute winner competition of the
12th Grand Prix Thailand 2019


International choir festival Grand Prix Thailand has been, since its inception in 2008, growing a stable position among other similar projects in southeast Asia. At its beginning, it was the only project of its kind in Thailand. Ever since the first season, the general partner and co-organizer of the festival has been Bangkok Opera Foundation, which in the surrounding region conducts a unique opera scene Siam Opera International, as well as symphonic orchestra Siam Philharmonics and youth orchestra Siam Sinfonietta. For its five-year anniversary, the festival was awarded with the “Silver Rose Award”, which is an award given out by Bangkok Opera Foundation together with Thailand’s minister of culture for exceptional contributions in the sphere of live art in the Kingdom of Thailand. The main part of the festival is an international choir competition Grand Prix Thailand. Except for the competition, the festival also accentuates an educational section. Integral part of the festival are also various workshops and masterclass. The festival’s events are divided between two cities – the seaside resort Pattaya and the capital city of Bangkok. The festival provides an environment in which the artists and choirs can get to know each other and through this gain new inspiration and experiences.

In the last five years, the festival was attended by 58 choirs, making in total 1510 participants from 8 countries.

2015: 13 choirs, 322 participants, 4 countries
2016: 12 choirs, 351 participants, 5 countries
2017: 12 choirs, 445 participants, 5 countries
2018: 10 choirs, 346 participants, 7 countries
2019: 11 choirs, 392 participants, 4 countries

The festival was attended by choirs from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, USA (Guam), India, China (mainly Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and the Czech Republic.