Participating choirs

10th Grand Prix Thailand 2017

East Wind Chorus

Category: D

Conductor: Mr. Chalatnai Suekiatkajorn

City, country: Bangkok, Thailand


The community choir of Eastern Asia University “East Wind Chorus” was established by the chancellor of Eastern Asia University Dr. Chotirus Chavanit in 2010. They has grown up step by step in a few years ago. And they joined many major activities of the university such as The Thai national father’s day with Fine Arts Department of Thailand at the Thai national theater in 2011, the graduation ceremony, “Maneenoparat Day” it is the day to remind everyone to the founder of Eastern Asia University, new student orientation and participated in The Celebration on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary. Furthermore they signed the collaborate association with other 6 institute including Chulalongkorn university, Thammasat university, Kasetsart university, Assamption university, Bangkok university and Eastern Asia University to develop Thai identities also Thai value.


Gita Buana Soedirman Choir

Category: D, E

Conductor: John Markus Pardede

City, country: Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia


Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Gita Buana Soedirman (PSM GBS) is student activity unit in Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) Purwokerto Indonesia, focusing on vocal and music especially choir. Established in 2000, PSM GBS has some achievements that we have successfully achieved both in National and International level: Gold Medal for Male Choir category at LPS USM VIII 2014, Semarang Indonesia, Silver Medal for Folklore Category at LPS USM VIII 2014, Semarang Indonesia, Gold Medal for Mixed Youth Choir Category at 4th Bali International Choir Festival 2015, Bali Indonesia, Gold Medal for Folklore Category at 4th Bali International Choir Festival 2015, Bali Indonesia, Silver Medal for Mixed Youth Choir Category at 3rd Singapore International Choral Festival 2016, Singapore, Silver Medal for Folklore Category at 3rd Singapore International Choral Festival 2016, Singapore. John Markus Pardede is the best conductor in PSM GBS. Besides competition, PSM GBS always performs in national event and others. PSM GBS has a motto “MAJU TERUS PANTANG MENYERAH!” (Keep onward,never give up!)


Han Chiang Alumni Choir

Category: G

Conductor: Gan Hui Wan

City, country: Selangor, Malaysia


HCA Choir (Han Chiang Alumni Choir) was formed in June 20, 2000 in response to alumni wanting an opportunity to continue their association with the Han Chiang community and with one another. The objective of the choir is to provide artistic events and resources for Han Chiang Alumni to maintain their ties to Han Chiang. The Choir rehearses once a week and its repertoire includes Chinese, Western and Malay folk songs. Today, HCA Choir has 30 members. Over the years HCA Choir plays an active role in participating in all sorts of senior choral exchange activities and performing in the Kuala Lumpur Music Festival in Malaysia.


Nasae Choir

Category: G

Conductor: Yoon, Ki Hoon

City, country: An-yang, South Korea


The Na-Sae Choir, which belongs to the Anyang Civic Volunteer Center, means to sing and serve newly day by day. It was founded in 2006, centered on the elderly who are 50 to 80 years old. Since its foundation, they regularly visit the elderly nursing homes and hospitals and continue to perform the concert. The 60 members, leaded by president Ms. Young-Ja Kim, are gathering twice a week for practice under the directorship of Mr. Ki-hoon, Yoon. They won the Grand Prize for the senior category from National Recreation Competitions in 2010, the Encouragement Prize for the Daegu Silver Chorus Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Environment in 2015, the Silver Prize for the Gyeonggi Province Talent Performance Competition, and the National Volunteer Competition.


Penang Han Chiang High School Choir

Category: B

Conductor: Ms. Julin Teoh, Ms. Chong Kim Lan

City, country: Penang, Malaysia


Han Chiang Private High School Choir Society was established in 1978 with the aim of creating a platform for students to showcase their talent in vocal and singing. Since its inception, the society grown to become one of the most active society in the school. This comes with a string of achievements the society has achieved under the guidance and leaderships of teacher advisors as well as the lead coaches. Among the more accomplished achievement in recent memory was the 27th Primary and Secondary Schools Choir Competition in Penang where we won the Gold Medal Prize. Apart from competitions, we are also invited to participate in charity concerts. This offers students an opportunity to perform. This will surely cultivate a sense of humility and kindness to the students and vital in social and character upbringing.


Plunge Chamber Choir

Category: D

Conductor: Alfonsas Vildžiūnas

City, country: Plunge, Lithuania


Plungė culture center chamber choir was founded in the year 1986. The singers are music teachers, workers of culture and music fans devoting their leisure time to the choir art. The repertoire of the choir includes ecclesiastical and universal music of different epochs and styles. The concert programmes present a different classical and modern music spectrum as well as entertaining pieces. The choir participated in the choir festivals of the Northern-Baltic countries in Latvia (1995), Sweden (1997), Norway (2000) and Lithuania (2002). In the year 2002 the choir visited Germany and held its concerts in Menden and Berlin. In 2004 it participated in the international festival “Musikchordance” in Tarare (France). In 2007 choir was awarded two golden diplomas in the international choir competition “In canto sul Garda”, Italy. In 2010 choir took part in the “Certamen Internacional de Habaneras y Polifonia” in Torevieja, Spain. The repertoire of the choir includes A.Vivaldi “Gloria”, C.Saint-Saens “Christmas Oratorio”, Ch.Gounod “Messe solennele” etc.


Pohang Children’s Choir

Category: A

Conductor: Lee, Sang-eun

City, country: Po-hang city, South Korea


The Pohang Boys and Girls Choir, which was founded in 1990, held 24th regular concert. In 2011, they was introduced to people when the 1st KBS All-Korea Grand Festival,The harmony, was held. Since then, they performed with The Little Signers of Paris and had a concert at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. In 2013, they took part in the 19th International Youth Choir Competition in Habanera, Spain. In 2016, they collaborated with National Choir at Arts Center in the Korea Chorus Festival 2016. When they won second place of the Daekyo Children TV Chorus Korea Choir, they donated the prize money to Pohang City Scholoarship Foundation. In 2017, they participated in the Citizen Harmony Choral Festival 2017 and presented beautiful songs to the citizens of Poahang. They give an effort to support the community of Pohang and make better culture performing arts by holding a charity event at every year.


P. R. C. Chorus

Category: B, E

Conductor: Keng Panyasuriya

City, country: Chiangmai, Thailand


The Price Royal’s College is a school with a clear Christian base under the foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand. Religious services and public prayers in the school are in the Christian tradition.The school’s operation and the basis for all relationships within the school reflect its Christian foundation. PRC encourages students to learn about God’s love and the Christian spirits so that they may make their own educated personal responses. P.R.C. Chorus is a very new choir in and it’s founded by administer of the school  in 2017. to serve the ministry of God in school by sing in any occasion and also sing in the local church and another special occasion.the members of the choir are all students from grade 9 to 12.


Sisaket Wittayalai Choir

Category: B, F

Conductor: Pakasit Sornkaew

City, country: Sisaket, Thailand


The choir of Sisaketwittayalai were Founded in 2008 by the interested in the chorus of Mr.Pakasit Sornkaew – a song director with a small group of students in the school. He was inspired by Acappella 7 to start practicing and performing at school and province events and activities. With no experience in this field before. Later, the choir of Sisaketwittayalai Has developed into acceptable in the capacity. Represented in the 2008 Student Arts Competition, and that year was the first step in learning the right choral chorus. After that, Sisaketwittayalai Choir has continued to develop until they have won the junior high school art award.In 2015, the choir has joined 8th International Choir Grand Prix Pattaya 2015 and won 2 silver medals in Mixed Youth Choir Category and Spiritual & Gospel Category.


Swara Wadhana

Category: D, E

Conductor: Heribertus Hendri Istiawan

City, country: Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Swara Wadhana Choir is a choir group organized by students of Yogyakarta State

University. It was not a choir group at first, but it was a group of people playing ensemble music. In 1986, this group decided to transform to be a choir group as they had received requests as choir. The last competition that we joined was in The 5th Bali International Choir Festival 2016 at Bali and brought home two silver medals as the 3rd placed for folklore and mixed choir categories. In the same year, we also stepped on a Vocal Group Competition by Goverment of Yogyakarta Special Province and we jumped home as The Third Winner which preceeded 7th A Voyage of Songs by Konzert in 2015 at Penang, Malaysia and we flew home as The Top 8 Champion (Winner Open Mixed Choir, Gold C Medal Open Mixed Choir, Gold C Medal Folklore). Another national choir competition which we jumped on was in 2011 when we achieved the third position and this was held by Tarumanegara University. In 2012 we were in the list of top five at a national choir competition held by Semarang University.


UCSI University Concert Choir

Category: D

Conductor: Terrence Ling Hung Shu

City, country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Over the years, the UCSI University Concert Choir has consolidated its reputation in Malaysia and begun to develop a reputation beyond Malaysian shores. The UCSI Concert Choir currently consists of 68 members enrolled in both Classical and Contemporary music programs. The choir attempts to explore various genres of choral music as well as expose students to different choral singing techniques. Together with the Chamber Choir, the Concert Choir has worked with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, under the baton of Maestro Benjamin Zander. In July 2016, the choir also competed in the 9th Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival.


Yong-In Culture Center Senior Choir

Category: G

Conductor: CHO, Hyun-Kyoung

City, country: Yong-In City, South Korea


Our choir, which is a gathering of senior who love music, was established in September 2009. Through music, we practice share and using choir talent to interchange for good use of spare time to singing choir to make joyful and pretty our spare years. We attend Local events, play concert regularly once a year and participate national chorus competition to expand our ability by compete with skillful choirs. Also give back to the community of the joy of learning through music to visiting volunteer facilities like nursing home and disabled facilities. The beautiful harmonies that contain the wisdom of age make audience sympathize. Where enjoy together and sharing’s are contributes to heightening the pride of a happy Yong-in city.