Competition rules

  1. Absolute winner competition is the second round of Grand Prix Thailand competition.
  2. Absolute winner competition is held without age and category differentiation. Choirs are qualified on the final evaluation of competition Grand Prix Thailand basis. Only golden medal winners might be qualified.
  3. Maximum number of finalists is 5. Qualified are choirs with highest obtained number of points in all categories of children’s, youth, adult and chamber choirs, in golden medal levels.
  4. Qualification of choirs will be announced at the Grand Prix Thailand competition awarding ceremony. The copetition will take place as an evening concert on Saturday July 18, 2020
  5. Qualification: If more choirs reach the same result in more categories, finalist’s place will belong to the choirs with second best result.
  6. Qualification: If the finalist decides not to participate in the Absolute winner competition, the place will be taken by choir with the second best result.
  7. Qualification: In case of equality of points between choirs, the finalist might be selected by the jury vote, which be held publicly at the announcement of the results.
  8. Competition compositions: There are no repertoire restrictions in the Absolute winner competition.
  9. Limit: Each nominated choir will perform one composition of their choice.
  10. Competition jury: Performances are evaluated by the jury of Grand Prix competition and host conductors headed by chairman of the jury. A list of jury members will be available in the programme of the Absolute winner competition as well in the result list of the competition.
  11. Evaluation system: Each judge has 1 vote at disposal, which may be given to the one performing choirs. The chairman of the jury has 2 votes at disposal. The chairman of the jury makes use of the second vote only in case of draw between choirs. Choir with most obtained votes becomes the Absolute winner of Grand Prix Thailand competition.
  12. Equality of votes: In case of draw the deciding vote is awarded by chairman of the jury.
  13. Announcement of the results: Voting of jurors is public.
  14. Title and prices: The title “Absolute winner of Grand Prix Thailand Competition” belongs to the choir with the highest number of obtained jury votes. The rewards may be either financial or non-financial for both the winner and the finalists of the competition. In case that rewards are announced, information about them will be posted on the website of the organiser of the festival. The website is available at: