Rating and Awards

The jury is international and comprises three members. The rating elements are:

  • interpretation
  • singing skil
  • program difficulty
  • general artistic impression (intonation, style, score fidelity etc.)



1st Round of the Competition

A choir’s performance is rated up to a maximum of 30 points. The points allotted by each member of the Jury are summed up and their average is calculated. The appropriate award is awarded according to the number of points gained. Every award has ten levels (I-X). In this round the choirs do not compete with one another but are rated individually according to a set of absolute artistic criteria. For this reason the awards are not limited in number. The choirs who are not awarded enough points receive a participation award.


Bronze Prize I-X (1.00-10.99 points)
Silver Prize I-X (11.00-20.99 points)
Gold Prize I-X (21.00-30.00 points)
Grand Prix


Prize level Bronze Prize Silver Prize Gold Prize
I 1.00-1.99 11.00-11.99 21.00-21.99
II 2.00-2.99 12.00-12.99 22.00-22.99
III 3.00-3.99 13.00-13.99 23.00-23.99
IV 4.00-4.99 14.00-14.99 24.00-24.99
V 5.00-5.99 15.00-15.99 25.00-25.99
VI 6.00-6.99 16.00-16.99 26.00-26.99
VII 7.00-7.99 17.00-17.99 27.00-27.99
VIII 8.00-8.99 18.00-18.99 28.00-28.99
IX 9.00-9.99 19.00-19.99 29.00-29.99
X 10.00-10.99 20.00-20.99 30.00
  Points Points Points

2nd Round of the Competition – Grand Prix

Choirs with the Gold Prize and the most points in all A, B, C, or D categories compete for the Grand Prix in the second round. They shall perform one piece of their own choice from their competition repertoire. The Jury may choose additional choirs to enter the competition to win the Grand Prix. An expanded Jury will vote secretly and announce a winner without awarding point.

Special Award

According to its judgment, the Jury may present awards to conductors and musical directors in the case of special artistic impressions (interpretation, vocal pedagogy, etc.)