Orchestral categories and rules

Competition categories:


Category A1

Category A2

Category A3

Category A4

Symphony orchestras

Chamber orchestras

String orchestras

Wind orchestras


Competition rules:


  1. Repertoire: Repertoire is open. In all categories an ensemble must perform one piece written by a composer from the ensemble’s country of origin. The rest of the repertoire is unrestricted. The selection of compositions should be contrasting. Compositions for an orchestra and a soloist are not allowed.

  2. Age limit: Majority of musicians must not reach age limit of 30 years by the date of competition. Organisers allow exceptions for 20 % of musicians. Musicians are obliged report this occasion to organisers in advance. There is not defined age limit for conductors.
  3. Orchestration & number of musicians: Orchestration for the category of symphony orchestras is unrestricted. In the category of chamber orchestras, participation of ensembles with wind instruments is presumed. The number of players in all categories is unlimited.

  4. Time limit: In all categories the playing time is between 20 – 30 minutes. The playing time excludes time taken by entering/exiting the stage, time between pieces or time incurred by applause. If the time limit is exceeded, the jury will terminate the competition performance.