Choir categories (children’s, youth, adult, chamber and senior choirs)

  1. a piece of the choir’s choice
  2. a contemporary art music piece composed after 1960

Youth orchestra categories (symphony, chamber, string, winds orchestras)

  1. a piece of the orchestra’s choice
  2. a contemporary art music piece composed after 1960



Only the ensembles who are awarded 24.00 or more points in the 1st round are qualified.


  1. Time limit: In all youth orchestra categories the playing time is between 20 – 30 minutes. Each choir is given 10-15 minutes of singing time. The playing/singing time excludes time taken by entering/exiting the stage, time between pieces or time incurred by applause. If the time limit is exceeded, the jury will terminate the competition performance.
  2. Competition jury: Performances will be judged by an international jury headed by the chairman of the jury. The decision of the jury is final.
  3. Evaluation system: Each judge has a maximum of 30 points at their disposal which are awarded according to the evaluation criteria. The final score is calculated as an average of the total number of points awarded by the jury. Based on the final score, choirs and ensembles receive an award in a corresponding award level. The diamond, emerald and platinum awards have ten levels (I – the lowest level; X – the highest level). The awards are not limited in number.
    • 1.00 – 10.99 points Terra Musica Platinum Trophy
    • 11.00 – 20.99 points Terra Musica Emerald Trophy
    • 20.99 – 30.00 points Terra Musica Diamond Trophy
  4. Evaluation documentation: After the announcement of results, choirmasters and conductors will have the opportunity to meet the jury who will give them feedback on their performance. The evaluation sheets of jurors with comments will be available in electronic form after the festival.