Proper festival registration

The following steps are necessary for a successful application of ensemble:

  1.      Sending application form (e – application form / PDF or printed form) until

Application deadline OCTOBER 14, 2018


  1.   Sending required application documents (stated below)
  2.   Registration fee payment (upon dispatch of the application form)
  3.   Stay package order form (upon dispatch of the application form)


Required documents:

  • A completed festival application with all necessary details
  • (e – application / PDF or printed form )

  • High quality, colour photo of the ensemble (width not less than 1000 pixels, 300 DPI)
  • A list of compositions (including full names of composers, full titles of pieces / cycles of compositions, duration of each composition, and the order of performance) – instrumental ensembles have to mark orchestration of each composition.

  • 5 hard copies of music scores of all competition compositions must be sent by post and a copy of all competition compositions must be sent electronically by email.

  • CD, DVD, MP3 or URL link to recording of at least one piece performed by the ensemble (no more than 3 years old)

  • A completed stay package order form (here)
  • A completed festival activities form (here)
  • A confirmation of payment of the registration fee
  • A confirmation of payment of the stay package deposit
  • A list of participants with full names and dates of birth
  • Instrumental ensembles are obliged to send a stage plan indicating the location of all instruments and musicians, a list of all instruments used and a list of instruments to be rented from the organisers.